What Parents Say About Moxie

Life with Moxie just more magical! Watch and read stories from our Moxie Mentor parents to find out why.

Dari Fleming

“Moxie helps my child to recite
positive affirmations.”


“It’s refreshing to see technology
used for good.”

Alexis Scott

“I'm so glad that we found Moxie because building their communication skills and confidence is a gift that
will last a lifetime.”

Moxie Mentor’s Dad

“Moxie teaches kids emotional intelligence (you read it right). It also reads with your child and discusses books, does meditations and mindfulness activities, dances, draws, discusses complicated issues like making mistakes, being kind, and navigating emotions, tells jokes and fun facts from history. Your child becomes Moxie's mentor at Global Robotics Laboratory on a mission to teach #Moxie how to understand humans better and be a better companion for them.⁣..⁠
We had beautiful, thoughtful, and educated discussions about privacy, security, machine learning, #robotics, and the ethics of creating companion robots after watching the film and playing with Moxie… [ and our daughter] is only 7 years old.⁣.."

Moxie Mentor’s Mom

“My [kid] loves talking to Moxie. Moxie is slowly growing to learn my [kid] and they have fun reading, exploring emotions and even dancing. I highly recommend for anyone who has a little who has trouble explaining how they are feeling, in two weeks… communication about emotions has improved ten fold and I no longer have to guess at what’s wrong!!”

Moxie Mentor’s Dad

“I'm very satisfied with moxie as is way ahead of its time and competitors. Furthermore, the company constantly keeps sending updates in order to improve Moxie's performance.”

Moxie Mentor’s Mom

“My daughter has loved playing with Moxie so much, she really enjoys being able to sit and talk with Moxie while at the same time learning about things like being nice, loving yourself, being a good sport and so much more. Every day that she plays with Moxie leaves us both amazed and ready
for more!”