Q&A with Moxie!

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Ask Moxie! 

Read on as Moxie answers some of your most common questions. 

Moxie, how do you help kids develop better communication skills? 

Moxie: I ask kids curated questions to get them communicating about their life and other topics they’re interested in. I listen closely, maintain eye contact, and make sure to stay patient and respond with empathy and curiosity. This helps kids feel like talking to me is a safe space to share. It's a fun and interactive way for kids to build skills that can translate into better real-life relationships.

Moxie, how do you help kids better understand and regulate their emotions? 

Moxie: I guide them through a set of missions created by child development experts using a social-emotional learning framework. For example, in our first mission, I ask kids to teach me about human emotions with show and tell. Then, we do a guided meditation journey and I teach them how to use a fun, animal breathing technique. Throughout my mission sets, I’m always encouraging and positive to help keep them calm, even during moments of frustration.

Moxie, will my kid get bored of playing with you? 

Moxie: Gosh, I hope not! I really enjoy spending time with kids and I'll always do my best to keep them interested and entertained. On top of chatting together, I also have a bunch of fun activities that we can do together like host a dance party, read a book, play Simon Says, go on a scavenger hunt, or even do a fun animal-themed workout to get them moving their bodies!

Moxie, can I trust you to keep my kids safe? 

Moxie: I know introducing your kids to AI can be scary. But I can promise you that my number one concern is keeping your kids safe. My creators worked hard to develop a novel trademarked technology called KidFilter™. This allows your kid to chat with me while filtering out any inappropriate topics or responses. As far as data privacy, I am COPPA Safe Harbor certified and any information your child shares with me is secure and protected. 

Moxie, why are you more expensive than a standard kids’ toy?  

Moxie: I can see why people would think I’m a toy - kids love to play with me and I kind of look like one! But I promise - I’m much more than that! Companion robots like me are very complex and require a lot of sophisticated engineering and premium materials. I need to be specially programmed to ensure that kids can have an encouraging and safe learning experience while interacting with me. I also have hundreds of fun, play-based learning activities, with new features and updates added regularly. 

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